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Wheat flour white


Καθαρό βάρος 1kg

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Wheat flour white. Zea was one of the most important food products of the ancient Greeks as it is not accidental that etymologically the word comes from “zeidoros” that is, the one who gives life.

It is one of the first cereals used by man and its nutritional value is undeniable. Nowadays it is also a maximum protein and is an ideal choice for people who are intolerant to gluten (wheat protein) and more.

This cereal is contained in products such as wheat and flour. Zeas wheat is a basic ingredient for pastries, bread, pasta and cookies. It provides beneficial properties to your body as it provides ten times more magnesium than common wheat.

Zea wheat, with its high fiber content, can lower blood cholesterol. Its consumption is therefore fearlessly recommended in combination with Zeas flour, both of which are a highly effective combination for your health.

As many experts confirm, Zeas flour is not deprived of anything from ordinary flour and can be completely replaced as the only ingredient. The result will be tastier and extremely beneficial for your health.

The protein that magnetizes your body and is a worthy choice for maintaining the integrity of your health.

It is mainly used in confectionery for preparations, cookies, Zeas sweets.

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