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Sunflower seeds cooked with salt

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Sunflower seeds cooked with salt. This is the fruit of the sunflower, the cultivation of which has been known in North America since 3000 BC. The name “sunflower” is due to the fact that the head follows the sun throughout the day, while in the morning it turns again to the east . This movement is due to bending of the stem and stops after flowering and fertilization of the flowers. Then, the heads remain facing east.

Sunflower seeds are marketed either in their shell, a black striped shell in the shape of a tear, or peeled. The seeds in the shell are first dried. They can then be toasted or sprinkled with salt or flour to preserve the flavor. Mechanically peeled seeds can be sold raw or baked or added to bread or other products. The fruit can also be used to make sunflower oil or even sunflower butter, similar to peanut butter.

The main components of sunflower seeds are water, fat, protein and carbohydrates. It also contains phytosterols as well as a variety of minerals such as selenium and magnesium and vitamins such as vitamin E and folic acid.

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