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Split peas


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Split peas. Simple, tasty and with great nutritional value, fava is the pre-eminent Mediterranean dish. A kind of bean comes from the lathouri plant. Ground or boiled lathouri seeds in the form of a thick paste, constitute the fava.

Many attribute it to the characterization of the pre-eminent summer food – in contrast to the other legumes – which are considered winter. Fava beans are extremely rich in nutrients, necessary for the proper functioning of our body. At the same time, its consumption adds minimal calories. Fava beans are also an excellent source of folic acid and manganese, as about 1 cup of fava beans can provide us with 20% of the required recommended amount of these nutrients. Finally, fava beans help the proper functioning of the intestine, protect against colon cancer, but also help maintain proper blood sugar levels. It is a food that does not contain any sodium and this makes it ideal for people with high blood pressure.

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