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Sea buckthorn

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Sea buckthorn. The No 1 superfood of nature for energy, toning, beauty!

It is a deciduous shrub of the family Elaeagnaceae that thrives mainly in Asia and northern Europe, in dry areas with sunshine. The fruit of the bush is characterized by an intense and characteristic orange color and is the one that contains all the beneficial properties. The etymology of the word Hippophae derives from the words horse (horse) and phaos (light) as they noticed that in those years the horses that ate this fruit had more shiny hair and greater endurance. Hippophae fruit contains 190 different active nutrients.

It has an extremely high content:

  • in vitamin C, more than oranges and kiwis
  • while it also incorporates the vitamins of the B complex.
  • It also contains all the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, minerals, powerful antioxidants (flavonoids and carotene) and 18 different amino acids.

It is very important that the fruit of Hippophae offers a shield of protection of the cardiovascular system, as it contains the “goodfatty acids: Ω3, Ω6, Ω9 as well as the rare Ω7.

The multivitamin of nature.

The unique combination of these 190 active nutrients offers the body:

  • More energy & better physical endurance
  • Better mood
  • Spiritual stimulation
  • Beauty, glowing skin, strong nails and hair
  • Strong antioxidant protection
  • Protection of the cardiovascular system

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