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Καθαρό βάρος 30γρμ

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Salep. Salep is the name of the herbaceous plant Orchis mascula or otherwise herb, but also the flour obtained from this plant family. It is known mainly in Eastern and Southern Europe for its medicinal and heating properties. As salep most of us know the drink that comes from mixing the flour of this particular orchid with water or milk, which you offer us hot from our favorite wandering salepizzi with bronze utensils and white aprons.

Its main feature is the starch, which when dissolved in water or milk, creates a thick liquid, due to the sticky substance basarin that it contains. There are four main components that characterize salep:

Hydrocarbons: arabine and tragacanth

The minerals: calcium and phosphorus

It is worth noting that if a cup of salep drink meets 23% of an adult’s daily needs of calcium. We notice that the salep powder is added in very small quantities, as even half a teaspoon is particularly intense in taste and smell.

Salep and health benefits

Relief from cough and asthma
Healing action on the ulcer
Strengthen and stimulate the body
Aphrodisiac action

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