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Roasted white chickpeas (salted)


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Roasted white chickpeas (salted). What are stragglers? Baked chickpeas! That is, legumes, something we all know how good it is to eat! Legumes are one of the golden foods of culinary economy because they are both healthy and economical. It is also a way to have ready-to-eat legumes with you, anytime. So we could say that they are one of the smartest snack options. It is a good source of protein and carbohydrates (two handfuls of straws correspond to one serving of lean meat and one serving of spaghetti), they contain a lot of fiber and have an advantage over other nuts in vitamin A and β-carotene, vitamins necessary for vitamins . It is also very rich in vitamins K and C.

The fluffy, along with blonde, soft raisins, are pure pleasure in moments when you want a salty-sweet taste.

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