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Polenta- Corn semolina


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Polenta– Corn semolina. It is a product of organic agriculture. Polenta is a key ingredient in Italian cuisine, it is a very finely chopped corn the size of semolina that when cooked forms a delicious cream. Add feta, olives or capers to eat savory as an accompaniment to your dishes. It is also eaten as a dessert with raisins, syrups, honey, molasses and other sweeteners.

It also goes well with dishes that have meat, pasta sauce and vegetables as their main ingredients. You can replace spaghetti and other pasta with polenta and eat polenta meatballs, or polenta carbonara, as the natural sweetness of corn flavors the salty and fatty flavors of pork, beef and chicken. Its texture is really nice and creamy when cooked, without lumps when mixed during cooking.

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