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Peanuts cooked with salt Greek (arabic)

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Peanuts cooked with salt Greek (arabic). The nutritional value of peanuts is impressive. Peanuts are high in fiber, and contain 13 vitamins and 26 minerals, many of which are missing from modern diets. “Every pound of peanuts has more protein, minerals and vitamins than beef liver.” These peanuts are used in many cuisines around the world. And their special taste does not go unnoticed. Peanuts are also a favorite snack around the world. In India, for example, they are mixed with other dried pods and sold as street snacks. It is worth noting that peanut butter, a sandwich spreader that is popular in some countries, is said to have been “invented by a doctor in St. Louis [USA] around 1890 as a healthy food for the elderly,” according to The Great American Peanut.

But peanuts are used in many other ways besides their immediate consumption as food. Throughout Asia, it is an important source of cooking oil. Peanut oil can be used for cooking at very high temperatures, and does not pick up the smell of the ingredients being cooked. In Brazil, peanut pie, a by-product of peanut oil, is used as animal feed. Also, pistachio products are contained in many everyday goods.

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