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Mustard powder

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Mustard powder. Mustard is a spice either in powder form or in paste form. It is prepared from seeds (seeds) of specific plants of the cruciferous family. The main species are Sinapis alba (white mustard) of the genus Mustard (also known as mustard with yellow seeds, Brassica juncea (turnip or burloid) with dark seeds and Brassica nigra (turnip black) also with dark seeds The taste of mustard varies depending on the type of seeds from sweet to spicy.

The use of the mustard plant as a spice, at least in the form of powder, is mentioned in Indian and Sumerian texts as early as 3000 BC. Later we have more frequent references in Greek and Roman texts and in the Bible. In the New Testament the mustard seed (mustard grain) emerges as a symbol of faith. Finally, mustard seeds were used as a medicine by Hippocrates, while mustard patches were considered useful by ancient medicine for the treatment of colds. From the 20th century. Mustard is one of the most marketed spices in the western world.

Mustard is widely used as a supplement and flavor enhancer in meat, especially in sausages and salads. Also on the skewer, in sandwiches. Finally, it is used in the preparation of the burger mixture, during the baking of potatoes in the oven and as a marinade for all kinds of meat. Also in legumes at the time of cooking to make them easier to digest.

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