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Linden (Tilio)

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Linden (Tilio). Linden is a deciduous, perennial tree belonging to the Tiliaceae family. Its flowers and leaves are widely used for medicinal purposes. Lime tea is very popular in France. Linden is used in cooking as an ingredient in beverages and dishes.


Tilia is currently used in:

Common infections

As an anxiolytic and hypnotic

In headaches

Herbal medicine has been around for centuries and despite the success of modern medicine, herbs are still widely used in home remedies for various ailments. The linden, or linden, or linden, or even maple as you may have heard it is one of those that promise to enliven and rejuvenate our body. It is important to note that since linden is a decoction and not a tea, it does not belong to the Camellia sinensis evergreen shrub family and therefore does not contain caffeine.


Natural soothing
It treats digestive problems
Reduces the symptoms of colds and flu

Anti-inflammatory action


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