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Lentils. The lentil is an angiosperm, a dicotyledonous plant, belonging to the family Ciamoids and the order Ciamoids. It is cultivated for its small edible seed of the same name, which is one of the most important legumes. It is one of the first plants that man began to cultivate systematically. There are several varieties of seeds of different sizes and colors, such as blonde, green and brown. Its fruits are marketed as dried legumes. In Greece, lentils are widely cultivated in almost all parts of the country as they adapt to many climatic types. Its seeds are legumes with great nutritional value rich in iron, phosphorus, carbohydrates, proteins and B vitamins. They are eaten mainly boiled as a soup called lentils, used in various salads and in meat dishes as a garnish. Lentils also contain fiber, folic acid, vitamin B1 and minerals.

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