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Indonesian cinnamon stick

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Indonesian cinnamon stick. Cinnamon: the ancient Greek “cinnamon”, still held by the English -cinnamon-, while we now use the word “cinnamon” in French and Latin, which means “small cane”, comes mainly from Ceylon, China, Indonesia and Burma. The smell of cinnamon has been combined in our minds with holidays, Christmas, cold and cappuccino… Cinnamon is one of the most popular spices in the world, used since ancient times in confectionery and cooking but also in several other fields. The cinnamon we know is a thin layer inside the bark of the tree that produces it. The bark is removed from the trunk and then scraped to remove the outside and a 0.5 mm thick skin is left. It is cut into strips which are left to dry resulting in the rolls we know. Finally, the rolls are cut into smaller sections of 5 to 10 cm and are ready for purchase. It has a dark brown-red color, its wood is thick with a few layers and solid, while it does not break easily. Its aroma is intense, sour and spicy. It is antimicrobial and prevents the growth of fungi that are resistant to medication. When added to food, it stops the growth of germs, ie it is a natural preservative.

We also use it for various constructions, especially at Christmas.

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