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Ground cumin

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Ground cumin. Cumin (also known as artichoke) is the common name of the Cumin plant cumin (Cuminum cyminum). It also refers to the dried fruits of the plant that are used, either whole or in powder, to give aroma to cooking. With a special aroma, cumin is better known as a spice than for its beneficial effect on our health. It has a bitter taste and a characteristic aroma intense and warm, due to the essential oils it contains. Known for its antioxidant properties, it is a well-kept secret for excellent digestion. The part of the plant that is used as a spice is the dried seeds that are thin, elongated, oval, brownish-yellow, with a strong and heavy aroma. Cumin is an important ingredient in spice mixes such as curry and chutney sauces. In Greek cuisine it flavors sauces and recipes with minced meat, such as soutzoukaki. We also find it in various cheeses, Dutch, French and Italian. The most general benefits of cumin include its high iron content, 2.8mg per 2 kg, which corresponds to 16% of your daily requirement of this important nutrient.

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