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Grated black pepper

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Grated black pepper. “I will put pepper in your mouth”, my grandmother threatened me when she heard me say something I should not, but she never carried out her threat.
On the contrary, she used pepper almost every time she cooked and at every opportunity she stressed to me that, together with salt, it is the necessary ingredient to intensify the taste, but also to make our food or dessert more delicious and spicy.
Pepper is a spice that comes from the depths of Asia, and was already known from the 4th century BC. Initially it was used in Indian, Chinese and Japanese cuisine, while later the Arabs brought it with their caravans to Europe. At first it was used for its medicinal properties, while later it was widely used as a spice for food and its spicy taste conquered the cuisines of the whole world.
Produced from the plant Pepper the black (piper nigrum), a plant that is grown for its fruit in the form of pellets, from which all varieties of peppers come. Black pepper is used in almost all foods, but it is a favorite of meat, poultry and starchy foods. It also goes well with fish and vegetables, but in moderation.

For peppers we must remember the following:

– We never throw the pepper in hot butter or oil because it burns, as a result of which it becomes bitter and loses its properties.
– In foods that are cooked for a long time, such as meat in the oven or pot, it is better to use peppercorns instead of grated. The beans are more resistant to temperature, while releasing their aromas more slowly. Of course, when serving the dish, we can add a little freshly ground pepper on top, for more aroma.

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