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Diktamo of Crete

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Diktamo of Crete. Diktamo, also known as erontas, is the most famous Cretan herb and endemic plant that grows only in Crete. As an herb, diktamo has been famous since the time of Minos for its healing properties and its cultivation is very widespread on the island. Diktamo is a perennial aromatic plant that retains its leaves in winter and has a slow growth that reaches a height of 30-40 cm. It has small round gray-green leaves covered with white soft fluff and characteristic light purple flowers that appear in summer. Diktamo is used as a drink extensively by the inhabitants of the Cretan countryside for its healing properties. It is traditionally considered an effective “medicine” for stomach disorders, which is why it is also known in these areas as a stomach herb. Diktamo alleviates headaches, neuralgia, liver disease, but also period pains. Diktamo essential oil relieves muscle, rheumatic pains, but also skin diseases.

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