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Coffee Greek blonde & dark

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Coffee Greek blonde & dark. Freshly roasted coffee beans full of aroma. Our coffee is roasted from the best varieties and ground at the time of sale to always be fresh and with a strong aroma. Greek coffee is one of the richest antioxidant drinks (because of the flavonoids contained in its beans).

Greek coffee, apart from its long history, its nostalgic tradition but also its healthy extensions, offers a unique experience of enjoyment to the one who will choose it. All you need is to be able to manage it to get all its aromas and flavors.

Making coffee is a form of ritual, with its own rules and inviolable principles. Greek coffee is not just a pot of coffee, sugar and water. They are, but not only these. It takes technique and passion and of course patience. Because coffee is a personal affair, to achieve it, all of the above are necessary.

Have fun!

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