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Bukovo hot (Red pepper flakes)

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Bukovo hot (Red pepper flakes). Bukovo hot. The word bukovo in Slavic means hot, so the name of this spice immediately reveals its characteristic.

Bukovo spice is in the form of flakes, from the flesh and the seeds of the pepper.
It is widely used in the cuisines of Macedonia and Thrace instead of black pepper. It is a good source of fiber, folic acid, vitamins A, C, K and manganese. Because boukovo is derived from pepper, it consists of lutein zeaxanthin, β-carotene and lycopene. The main ingredient, due to which the fruits are irritating, is capsaicin. We use it in winter to “raise” the volume of a dish. Apart from its taste, however, hot pepper, whole or dried and grated (that is, boukovo) has significant benefits for our health. It goes well with oregano, marjoram, basil, parsley and garlic, pepper. It is used in pickles, and is recommended for tripe and generally for soups, boiled and grilled. Ideal in bean soup, it is also added to yellow cheeses for a more spicy taste. It goes well with spicy sauces, kebabs, pork with cabbage and wherever you want to give a spicy taste.

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