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Black garlic


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Black garlic. Already characterized as a “superfood” due to its antioxidant power, black garlic has won the impressions in the field of gastronomy and healthy eating. Produced from white garlic, it first appeared in Japan, Korea and Thailand and in recent years has become a hit in the West and especially in the US. It has twice the antioxidant power of white garlic, offering the body an ally against free radicals. Antioxidants are essential for the proper functioning of the immune system, prevention, repair of damage in our body. Apart from the color, black garlic differs in texture but also -mainly- in taste. With the ripening process it is transformed from hard and fried to soft, sweet and with low acidity, while maintaining a light aroma of garlic. The taste becomes complex and interesting, since it emits tons of coffee, petimezi and licorice. The taste it gives where it is added is completely different from that of ordinary garlic, with only the well-known aftertaste of garlic common, which in the case of black is particularly mild. Theoretically, it can be used where common garlic goes, but the striking thing about black is that it goes equally well with both savory and sweet preparations! It is suitable for marinades, pasta, risotto, dressing for salads, it goes in dip eg yogurt, but it is uniquely combined with chocolate! More specifically, whole cloves can be used in pesto for pasta sauces or risotto, as a spread for sandwiches or burgers, in dressing for salads, in tzatziki, but also to give body and aroma to sauces for meat or fish. Honey with garlic goes well with cheeses and cold cuts, as a dressing in salads, along with mayonnaise or mustard in a sandwich or burger or as a crust in grilled meat or fish.

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