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Arborio rice

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Arborio rice. Of Italian origin, cultivated in the riparian areas of the river Po in northern Italy. They have a large and wide grain, Carnaroli is even bigger in size, and offer the desired creamy effect.

Ideal for classic Italian risotto.


Saute the rice in fat and then add liquid, accurately measured. This is the most common way to make pilaf. For sautéing but also to add from the top to the end, we can use olive oil or butter or both together. With sautéing, the pilaf does not muddy, due to the fat that is absorbed by the outer shell of the rice grains. Saute it by mixing it with a wooden spoon, so that it shines and the fat goes everywhere. Then add the measured liquid, cover and cook with the technique of absorption, ie until the rice absorbs all the liquid.

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